The Most Difficult Thing To Overcome In This Life Time For Me Has Been Embracing My Call, My Purpose, My North, What Truly Fulfills Me, Why? Because of The Fear of Not being Enough, The Fear Of Not Giving Enough Of Myself To Others, Of Not Being Excellent and Perfect Enough, The Fear Of Not Putting Creative Work That Is Good Enough To Show, Even The Fear Of Not Being Pretty Enough, Skinny Enough, Fit Enough, Young Enough, Financially Successful Enough In An Island Where Earning Dollars Instead Of Pesos Is A Challenge, The Fear Of Being Judged For Not Having Children and A Husband By This "Stage Of My Life" Há! What A Joke, How Naive Of Me When Remaining Genuinely Myself Has Brought Me More Peace & Clarity Than ANY Fear Itself...Wao.

EVERY TIME I Have Listened To People That Gave Me Advice "For My Own Good" From A Place Of Their Own Fears (Because They Have Lived In Fear Their Whole Life So They Feared In Advance For Me LOL) I Have Suffered The Consequences Of Dimming My Light, Of Dimming My Strengths, All For The Sake Of "Honoring Their Advice" Until I Learned That I Will Rather Live With The Consequences Of MY OWN CHOICES!.

I Avoid As Much As I Can Falling Into The Belief Of "Having To Be, Do, Achieve, Earn, Win, Get & Demonstrate How Deserving I Am Of Third Parties Approval".

I Learned That Holding To My Inner Light Has A Price, A High One, But I'll Rather Pay It Than To Live In The Emptiness That "Fulfilling Other People's Expectations" Could Bring Into My Life, I Practice Loving Myself Enough To Stay Around Only Where My Presence And Support Is Valued.

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#Freedom Brings Peace.
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