What does #HappyBoca mean?

Happy in Spanish means: Feliz Boca in English means: Mouth.

What the heart has the Boca speaks, HappyBoca is meant to share art and positive vibes.
The people who wants to be better than before, who chooses to see the good in others & in life will embrace easily the #HappyBoca brand!


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Who created HappyBoca? 
It was created by Anceli Peguero from The Dominican Republic. All started when Anceli named her twitter account “Happy Anceli”, in those years people repeatedly told her that they’ve enjoyed her company very much because she was with a happy attitude most of the time, smiling, saying nice things about anything or anyone, giving out creative ideas and they said that talking to her felt good; those compliments made her notice that the often she felt happy & in a good mood everything got better making her creativity levels go up, that’s when HappyBoca is born!

Instead of “HappyAnceli”, she baptized herself as HappyBocawhich now is the perfect excuse to share her art & her thoughts with the world! HappyBoca was born to inspire in one way or another.

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What’s Anceli’s story?

Anceli knew she was an artist and a good communicator since she was a little kid.

She graduated from an AAS (Associate Major) in Fine Arts and Illustration and and an AAS in Graphic Design from Altos de Chavon La Escuela de DiseñoAffiliated to Parsons School Of Design in New York, this link between universities gave her the opportunity to receive a scholarship to complete a BFA in Communication Design at Parsons School in New York, coming from a family who did not have the funds to pay for an expensive major at one the best design universities of the United States, made that scholarship be the best chance she could ever receive to achieve a higher education level!

After working for a few years in different top advertising agencies (Univision, TBWA, Mc Cann Erikson & BBDO/Pages) she decided to open her own Advertising-Design Studio, a business where she was blessed enough to provide employment for many people, create great packaging design for one of the major supermarket chains in her country, create editorial design & corporate identity for many clients, she perfected how to acquire new business accounts from scratch! using her charisma, creative approach & got deeply in touch with her negotiation & business relationship skills!

The entrepreneurial adventure lasted only 9+ years because when it stopped being fun and creative she immediately knew it was time to leave that business behind and move on to another project on her own that could be a source of joy and positivity.

In the process of brainstorming, she was 100% sure this new project had to be fresh, fun, full of art, related to ideas & to fashion, it had to be something that kept her inspired! (risky uh? But better sorry than regretless she says! Há).

The purpose was clear: 
To Shamelessly Create Art & Share It With Everyone. 
Is she aiming too high? Nah!

THOUGHTS ON! :) Leave me a comment letting me know what you think!

by Kurt

Happy Boca Delivers Smiles!

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