My HAPPYBOCA art was printed on the windows and stairs of a whole building, now after 4 months they are taking it down, I feel grateful for this opportunity that any artist could only wish for, thank you #EpsonLatinoamérica for making it happen. 

I had the goal of creating a SOLO EXHIBITION in 2019, I cannot complain, I got a whole building to exhibit my art, and on top of that it was created to contribute with a foundation that cures cancer in children, I feel grateful and happy about this achievement, this year hasn't been easy, and definitely this opportunity made it better. 

Thousands of people got to enjoy my #HappyBoca art, and they even felt inspired to take pictures in front of the building because of all the colors, they even shared it on their social media... is true what they say "sharing is caring".

These are total strangers who felt inspired to pose in front of all these colors, it makes me feel that my job was well done: I created art and it moved others to create their own version of it as well.